For Us Chemistry Is An Art

Not Just Science




Shamrock Pharmachemi is a part of Shamrock Group which is involved in Contract Manufacturing and export of APIs, Intermediates and Veterinary products for over 23 years. Over this period Shamrock has established itself as a recognizable brand promoting Indian APIs and Intermediates internationally.

Our business model includes Exclusive Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing and Outsourcing.

We maintain the highest quality standards backed by complete Regulatory Approval and Documentation -
cGMP, EUGMP, WHOGMP, FDA with DMF, CTD Dossiers, CEP etc. and these are provided to our customers along with quality audits by independent approved auditors.

Mission,Vision & Guiding Principals


To provide human society with premium quality products and services for promotion of better health care through effective, safe and high quality products competing in the global environment and subsequently improving the quality of life.


To become a major global player in service of the Pharmaceutical & Health Care Industry, strategically placing ourselves as a market and customer driven company.


Shamrock Group was formed in 1990 by the founder - 

Late Shri. Rameshchandra Khokhani who was formerly involved in manufacturing Pharmaceutical and  formulations and in doing business in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 40 years. From 1990 to 1995 the focus was domestic trading and since 1995 we ventured into exports which has been the sole focus for the past 23 years.

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Apart from checking and controlling the quality, our Quality Assurance Department satisfies all customer requirements. We have a fully advanced and integrated Quality Control Laboratory where all the equipments are calibrated and validated periodically.