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Exclusive Partnership & Alliances

Together we assure high quality products from right manufacturing supplier, playing a crucial role in growth of new business opportunities through on ground support for our customer and Alliance contribution and building a long-term sustainable business together, through our partnership and Joint venture alliances company for Sharrock products in the local market.


  • Customer Inquiries and product information and specification   

  • Introducing new manufacturing sources befitting the customer and maintaining

  • suitability and quality  

  • Regulatory Support & Regulatory compliance  

  • Competitive prices as per Target market price  

  • Quality control with regulatory documentation accreditation and Pharmacopeia  

  • Clinical Studies, MSDS, toxicity reports and more through our OC quality Control

  • and OA Quality Assurance & analysis team   

  • Registration dossiers, Technology Transfer for FDF and API’s production Locally  

  • Pre- audits final audit - WHO approved auditors [third party] 

  • Exchange of Technical Information & Reference Standard  

  • Marketing Authorization  

  • In-licensing & Out-licensing  

  • Research and Development Facilities for new product development  

  • Addition services & advantages like Credit control and finance Terms, payment terms

  • time factor regulatory / technical support



The Exclusivity Partners and Joint Venture Company [JVC] will operate Business – As - Usual BAU, as an Independent Business unit together with Shamrock generating probability and sustainably growth and Market presence in the local market with customer and expanding our global reach.




Our team works on Qualitative and Quantitative data gathering with intensive study & analyses to focus and conclude   


·       What is the total API market in the world in terms of quantity and value?  

·       Production capacities of competitors and their actual export volumes  

·       Competitive pricing and pricing information for each market to understand international and competitors pricing.   

·       Who are the customers of API worldwide and what is the quantity which they are consuming?   

·       This helps us to determine the supply demand gap and select the right API for our product marketing along with documentation and regulatory approvals.  

·       In conclusion, 80% of the data analytics and market research helps us to identify:   

·       Key markets  

·       customer prices  

·       supply-demand gap   

·       choose the right API  


S.M.A.R.T research reports helps identify and present our potential exclusive factories, as to why they should tie up with us concluding the purpose with a strategic road map of our business place to achieve the justified quantities we commit to our factories that partner with us exclusively. Broadening the scope in acquiring exclusive Manufacturing facility & plants in India, subsequently adding more value to our product portfolio.   

S.M.A.R.T conduct individual Product and country-based data analysis to identify:   

·       Opportune market for a particular    

·       Their key players of that market   

·       Decision makers and contact information  

·       Volume & Volume and determine the supply-demand  

·       Identifying production capacities verses Market consumption   


This is a crucial factor strategizing the potential for each international market and player, helping is select the right APIs to market and become a completive player in that international market and country.  


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