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Our Divisions

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 (APIs - Inetrmediates & Fine Chemicals)


BPC (Bulk, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Division) comprises manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing of high quality APIs, Advance Intermediates, Intermediates and Fine chemicals.  This is the main division of our Group and consists of Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing and Outsourcing products.


A dedicated list can be found in the products window.


“Dedicated to Animal Healthcare”

Animal Healthcare is one of the fastest growing healthcare segment worldwide including developing countries.  More and more Pharmaceutical companies are having a dedicated  Animal Healthcare division and potential requirements for Veterinary active Ingredients, Pre mixes and feed ingredients are constantly growing. 


Our product range comprise  extremely potent and healthy  Anthelmintic range,  for Animal Healthcare inspired us to have  a dedicated  Animal Healthcare / Veterinary Division of our Group.  Since 2000 we are operating with Veterinary products/Active Ingredients and focusing on pre mixes and feed products.


Research & Development

“In Search Of Excellence”


We at SHAMROCK strongly believe if our people Organisation, then R & D department is our "BRAIN". Every year, we have more than 50 products undergoing laboratory trials from 5 gms to 100 gms and kilo-scale from 1 kg to 5 kgs. Thus several products are available with us in laboratory scale process to be taken up for Pilot or Commercial Production.

With the single minded aim of innovation, our technical and developmental team in the R & D Laboratory specialize in development of new processes, designing to ensure non-infringement of patents by applying alternate synthetic process and innovating current processes for adding value to the products and decreasing the production costs.

The objective is “total satisfaction of our Customers whether it is gram, kilogram or multi-ton quantity”.



“Working Together Works”


ERP Division  was evolved due to the growing need of having a tie-up and Partnership  for  sourcing products from getting right source of the pharmaceutical  product from India out of the huge pool of resources and suppliers which is a specialized and professional task by itself.


To have a marketing Partner in each country and have a Representative Office with the marketing partner in that country and at the same time our Marketing Partner would have its own Representative office in India.  Coming together and partnering for a common objection and business growth.

Nviro Chemstock

Nviro Chemstock

“Environment Safety Chemistry”


NVIRO CHEMSTOCK is a part of Shamrock group engaged in contract manufacturing and export of APIs, intermediates and fine chemicals. 
We have in-house warehousing, quality control and a professional team for stock management. We also have highly dedicated logistics and commercial teams. 
​Our approach is more of a “Service Provider” to our clients rather than a commercial or profit driven one. Hence, hazardous or even difficult / non-lucrative stocks are purchased by us. 
Huge infrastructure of own warehouses, quality control and professional recycling team enable us to put the stocks to good use.


“Prevention Is Better Than Cure &

Protection Aids Prevention”


Nutraceuticals - projected to reach 250 billion dollars by 2018 – are products derived from Food sources that are purported to provide extra health benefits in addition to basic Nutraceutical value found in foods depending  on the category of products and may prevent and protect  from chronic  diseases and improve health with physiological benefits , reverse age, increase life expectancy and support structure and functions of the body.  Nutraceuticals include dietary supplements, functional food ingredients.


Our Group believes in Protection and prevention for complete health care and hence have entered into Nutraceutical business since 2010, keeping our Group’s guiding principles and partnership and contract manufacturing policies intact, we have formed Shamrock Nutrasciences as Nutraceutical Division of our Group.


Dedicated website can be visited at

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