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Global Operations is a network of Exclusive Partnership & Alliances, Joint Venture Companies and Offices with ‘Exclusive Market Experts’ spread across 12+ countries together we market Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Intermediates and Fine Chemicals for both human and veterinary Introducing our new Business Venture in the Heparin & Enoxaparin Sodium Business Vertical.  


Our Modus Operandi is to build a long-term relationship with local customer for ‘All Things API’. Expanding our local market coverage that supports marketing & sale, Stock & Sell with the prime objective is market coverage to acquire clientele. As we are a local office will drive business for APIs business development, resulting in rapid growth, better customer service and market coverage for our products, to build an independent profit generating centre. 


‘Exclusive Partner & Alliances’ is a strategically augmented business collaboration venture with local marketing and distribution companies across the globe to form Joint Venture Companies, as we believe that, “Together we can improve the quality of life” and use our strengths to better our customer service, customer acquisition, retention and customer loyalty through our local offices and Partners.  


We believe “Communication is the key”, to understand your customer better. Through Aim our global exclusive network & alliance of “LOCAL PHARMA MARKET EXPERTS’ of Partner offices and Joint venture companies globally we aim to become a GO-TO-BRAND for API and intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry.  

With the Right People, Right Partners & Right Decision Makers leveraging growth generating business opportunities and customer outreach program, expanding our reach across multitudes and Geographical territories across the Globe;  


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2.               MERGERS AND ACQUISITION   

3.               PARTNERSHIP OFFICES  

4.               ALLIANCE EXCLUSIVITY  


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Our Exclusive Partnership offices are leaded by specialist from the pharmaceutical industry on field operating partners building relationships and customers for long term business prospects ‘Locally’ with ‘Local Customer’.


Together we assure high quality products from right manufacturing supplier, playing a crucial role in growth of new business opportunities through on ground support for our customer and Alliance contribution and building a long-term sustainable business together, through our partnership and Joint venture alliances company for Sharrock products in the local market.




We, at Shamrock, have a strong Market Research and Data Analytics team, called S.M.A.R.T.  


This team supports our marketing team, Global Partners & Alliance with SMART Data Analysis on the world global API market scenario. This data helps us to quantify and qualify API selection process which is “most important” in the successful marketing of APIs.  Our strategy is to stay ahead of the game with the trade trends in the pharmaceutical industry.  

4 Ws of International trade

·                  Who – is Selling & Buying?   

·                  What – Quantity& Price   

·                  When – Business Eventuality   

·                  Where – Country & Port 


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